I’ve not added much to my page for the last 18 months or so as I have been sidelined (not in a bad way) and doing work in a slightly different area.

However I am now feeling the creative urge coming over me again, so hopefully I shall be busy here soon.  I have just added myself to a facebook page –



Long time, no hear.

It has been quite a while now since my last blog. What’s changed? Well – I am now working two days a weeks as a trainer/tutor, on my third group of learners. This group has proved a lot more challenging as there is a very wide range of abilities.  As before though, they all seem to be enjoying the course and learning new skills. My job profile is now listed on the KTL website.  http://www.ktl-ltd.co.uk/about-ktl-ltd.htm

I have also supplied two items to a lovely new on line gift store.
Perfectly Perfect Presents
Both are made from my hand drawn bug print.  There is a silk scarf – as seen in the attached image and also a cushion. The website is here –

Plus I am having a drive to sell some of my exisiting stock before moving onto new designs and sales.  All upcycled clothing is now reduced in the shop, some by more than half price.

Hand designed and hand made 100% silk scarf.

Hand designed and hand made 100% silk scarf.

New Role

From September 9th I will be taking on a new role as skills tutor with KTL-Ltd in Nottingham.
KTL are delivering a Level 1 Award in Fashion & Textiles.  This will give students a basic introduction to sewing skills and patterncutting that will prepare them for further training or employment in the garment industry.  The students will also study for a Level 1 Award in Personal Development and Social Skills.  There will be two initial intakes of students each receiving 16 hours tuition over a period of 10 weeks.
It is all exciting stuff, I am looking forward to this new challenge and also to hopefully giving others a new direction and start in the employment field.  The courses will run in central Nottingham, on Lower Parliament Street.

For more about KTL, visit their website http://www.ktl-ltd.co.uk/



Feature on PRIME website

I have been asked to write a piece to be featured as business of the month on the PRIME website. (Princes Trust for Mature Enterprise).

I also have to supply photos, some of my work and one of me! I hope I can find one where I don’t look too ‘mature’.   I will update when I know more – as to when it will be featured etc.

Needlecord flying suit

Samples of collection

Taken with Hipstamatic app.

Front view of shirt.

It seems to have taken forever, but I am at last making up samples for my small collection. I like making shirts, so a design for a man and woman will feature in the garments. Both have raw edge detailing, and will be slightly oversize and loose fitting. They would both work well as a loose jacket.
I finished the man’s shirt a couple of days ago, and the women’s is almost done.


Carry on.

Progress seems to be very slow at the minute.  I am toiling some of the patterns I’ve drafted, most seem to be okay, just a couple of minor alterations needed.  I struggle though when I am at home all day on my own.  I like the buzz of people around me – at the moment that is only provided by 6Music!

I am working on draping, bias cut and folding for the overall look of this mini collection.  Some pieces will be unisex, and all will have a loose casual fit.

I have completed my PRIME business course, well I say completed, I have handed in all my assignments, but there seems to be a long backlog and I am still waiting on any feedback from work done 2 months ago in January. I hope it’s not all sent back for clarification as I really want to be moving onto concentrating on producing some actual garments!



Get ready for Spring.

Well we’ve got to look forward to it haven’t we?
Lighter evenings and hopefully warmer weather.  I’m keeping fit and in shape so that hopefully it won’t be too much of a shock when I do peel off the layers.  I have to say that I exercise now much more than I did when I was younger.  Why?
Firstly I have found two types of exercise that I really enjoy.  That’s Zumba®  – it lets me pretend that I can *really* dance, and is good cardio workout.  Plus Kettlercise®. This uses a weight and really tones you up and gives some good definition.  I wear my own (BilleBug) trousers for dancing, they’re lightweight, really comfortable and dry very quickly. Oh – and a bit bright and scary. (See below)
Secondly I go to classes that are *FUN*. You don’t have to be serious, it doesn’t matter if you can’t remember all the routines, and the other students that go are a great bunch of people.  Where’s this?  It’s at the Lincoln YMCA studio and the classes are lead by Lynx Fitness under the guidance of Tina El Bikam.
So if you live in close distance of Lincoln you really should give it a go.
The timetable can be found here –

Charity event in Lincoln

Charity event in Lincoln

Brain ache

Sat here trying to get all the random thoughts and ideas in my brain into some sort of co-herent collection of design ideas. I seem to have lot of bits of loose paper with sketches too.
I’m hoping to produce a good capsule of men’s and women’s wear, some designs will be unisex. But at the moment it seems to be assorted scribbles.
I’d like to get it together to exhibit in the next show to be presented by In Moda. Their next evening event is Sunday 3rd February.

Links to our possessions

I found this blog from a Twitter feed today. Whilst it is all very interesting and pertinent, it was the first paragraph that attracted me. I realised that I am
very similar, I have too much “stuff” and do periodically try to de-clutter. There are though those few things that have very little monetary value, but are priceless for other reasons.
Here’s the link – a good article.