Wise Words

I’ve done a bit of reading around this and that in my 56 years, and one thing I think I have learnt and come to accept, is that the only time we live in is the now.
The only things we can be really sure of is what is happening at this moment in time.  This isn’t meant to sound gloomy, but if you think about it, once a moment is gone, there is no going back.  We can’t reverse time, not even for a second.  Similarly, we can be 99.9% sure we know what’s coming to us next, but again it is something we have no control over.

So – why am I saying this?  Because we should all try to take joy and pleasure from where we are right now.  I read this blog today and it reminded me.  It’s not easy always, but it can bring little unexpected moments of pleasure.


Financial help for entrepreneurs

I have blogged around this subject before, the fact that most of the funding seems to be aimed at the younger generation, but it is a fact that the over 50s have a
significant role to play in growing businesses.

This report from No10 today is directing money towards the younger people. Bit more equality needed?


Last week of exhibition

This week will be your last chance to see the exhibition “Class of 2012” at the National Centre for Craft and Design.  It features innovative ideas from several areas of design, the exhibitors all being students who graduated last year – 2012.

The centre always has interesting exhibitions to see, plus a gift shop and cafe on the ground floor.

For opening times follow the link –


2013 Trends

Spring may seem a long way away at the minute, but as soon as X’mas is past you can bet the stores will be luring us in with the promise of warmer weather.

According to Drapers “Bright colours, sparkling metallics and bold floral and animal patterns were the major themes for 2013 at the Royal Horticultural Halls.”

I think florals almost always make a show in springtime don’t they? They convince us that it wont be long before the leaves start to break and the flowers begin to appear.
It can still be very chilly though, so long sleeves may be essential.

A light jersey top could be the answer.  These tops could be layered over a fine silk or merino vest for extra warmth. So we can look flowery and spring like whilst still keeping warm.
They are all available for order now from the BilleBug web shop.

Upcycling can be fun

Many of the garments that I upcycle still resemble the original garment in some way.  However if you upcycle using pre-used fabric, then it’s a whole different kettle of fish.  I haven’t got any fish here, but I do have other cute things.

How about puppies and kittens – pink ones of course. Paddington Bear, Pooh Bear, crazy flowers?  There will also be another Snoopy dress soon, Spongebob, Fireman Sam.  The only limitation is what fabric I can find!

All for sale now. Pooh Bear will appear in the shop in the next few hours.

Something a bit unusual!

I’m a sucker for something a bit out of the ordinary, especially if it is a bit grotesque.

How about these cuff links from Paul Smith?  A big juicy fly sat on your cuff. Mind you, I like most things from Paul Smith!


The love of Design – Magpie

Okay so this is getting a little bit away from clothing and fashion, but I found this company from a tweet I received and wanted to share it.
I could spend too much money here – no problem.  They are just the sort of designs that I go for, quite clean and uncluttered, but also a bit quirky.  Plus there are some lovely colours especially in the Festival and Spiral ranges.
And also if you like to consider your ethics when buying, this is taken from the website –


Our love of nature extends to our methods of manufacture.

Everything we make is suitable for Vegans, we feel very strongly that our products are all cruelty free without compromising on their design.

So our ceramics are all made from Porcelain which uses a mixture of 3 clays, kaolin, quartz, and feldspar.

We do not use Bone China which is made from 50% animal bone, burnt and then ground up and mixed with the clay.

All our bags and purses are made from animal friendly cotton, pleather and polypropylene.

All our cards and notebooks are made from 100% recycled paper.

So go on – take a look.  One or two ideas for X’mas presents?


Ms Wanda

I may have mentioned this blog before – but it’s worth another one.  Today sees an interesting example of how – if enough persistence prevails, the public can make a difference.  Zara has been forced to take a look at its production methods.



Business start up – over 50?

I was prompted to write this as I received a tweet about local funding for young entrepreneurs.  http://thelincolnite.co.uk/2012/11/help-for-young-business-start-ups-in-lincoln/
It seems that the ‘young ones’ always get all the press about starting up businesses, but actually as this report says – a lot of businesses are started by older people. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2009/sep/26/starting-business-over-50s

I know there is funding available, for example – http://www.prime.org.uk/ but one has to hunt for it. It would be good to see the older business people supported more publicly.  Not just financially, but with news coverage.
After all, we are by and large all living longer lives, so there is an importance in finding fulfillment.